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About us

Baltics is a territory that often is less known and less visited, but despite this, it has an extraordinary history, cultural legacy, captivating nature, and just nice people.

We developed this app in order to stop the fragmentation of tourism sources here and for the first time ever to create a mobile sightseeing solution that unifies all 3 Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. In a way, it is "The New Baltic Way".

We know how complicated and stressing is to go to a place that you are not familiar with, thus we created this app in order to make safe, easy traveling, sightseeing without need to research extra sources and need to install other apps when you travel across all 3 Baltic countries. With this app, you will not wonder: "Have I visited all the most interesting sights in Baltics?". Because we are sure, that you will have seen all the best there is.

We believe in easy and joyful traveling, thus "Travel Across Baltics" was created.